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Help Contents

1. Submitting Names

2. Using the Database

3. Chapman Codes and Time Period Codes

4. Making Contact

5. Corrections and Additions

6. Deleting your Entry

7. Table of Chapman Codes

8. Table of B&AFHS Date Codes


Submitting Names

Submit your surname interests using the form you can download and print from our website downloads page: .  It is important that you use this form initially and follow the instructions for completing, signing, dating and posting it giving your permission for us to publish your personal data.  On the form you are requested to indicate whether or not you want just your email address to be shown and if you want your postal address to be shown - you may opt for either or both.  You can also provide a link to your own website if you have one.

Using the Database

Type the surname of interest into the search box, click the search button and any matches will be listed. To find the member's contact details, click on the membership number in the righthand column (mem.#).  You will also be given the option to see all that members interests to see if you have any more names in common.  To return to the contact details, simply click on the membership number (mem.#) again.

Chapman County Codes and Time Period Codes

Rather than spell out names and dates in full, we have used the standard Chapman County Codes, and our own system of codes to show dates.

Guidelines for Making Contact

First contact should normally be by e-mail or post (enclosing a stamped addressed envelope).  Only make first contact by telephone if someone has specifically given a phone number on their personal page.

The idea is to exchange information. Do not expect other people to pass on the results of several years research immediately. Tell them what you already know, and what you are trying to find out.  Many contacts will be dead ends, but others will be very fruitful. Many experienced members are very pleased to share their work - be sure to thank them and acknowledge sources if you subsequently use the information in your records.

Do not expect people to reply immediately. They may be away from home, or busy with other things.  It may take them some time to assemble the information they want to send you. Also please note that some email links and addresses on the pages will be out-of-date - we rely upon members to notify the Society of amendments (see below).

Corrections and Additions

Please email details of changes, additions or corrections to Members Interests, remembering to include your name and membership number and full details of the changes you would like us to make.

You can download and print a blank members interests form here so that you can submit a completely new entry. Return it by post to the address shown on the form or scan it and email to Members Interests. Your submission will be acknowledged.

Only paid-up members of the Society can have their interests listed.

Deleting your Entry

Please send an e-mail to Members Interests, for a quick response; alternatively please write to the Webmaster : your data will be deleted as soon as possible after your request is received. If you do not renew your membership, then your interests page may not be deleted for up to six months.

Chapman County Codes


England ENG        
BDF Bedfordshire BKM Buckinghamshire BRK Berkshire
BST Bristol CAM Cambridgeshire CHS Cheshire
CON Cornwall CUL Cumberland DBY Derbyshire
DEV Devon DOR Dorset DUR Durham
ERY Yorkshire East Riding ESS Essex GLS Gloucestershire
HAM Hampshire HEF Herefordshire HRT Hertfordshire
HUN Huntingdonshire IOM Isle of Man IOW Isle of Wight
KEN Kent LAN Lancashire LEI Leicestershire
LIN Lincolnshire LND London MDX Middlesex
NBL Northumberland NFK Norfolk NRY Yorkshire North Riding
NTH Northamptonshire NTT Nottinghamshire OXF Oxfordshire
RUT Rutland SAL Shropshire SFK Suffolk
SOM Somerset SRY Surrey SSX Sussex
STS Staffordshire WAR Warwickshire WES Westmoreland
WIL Wiltshire WOR Worcestershire WRY Yorkshire West Riding
YKS Yorkshire        
Wales WLS        
AGY Anglesey BRE Brecknock CAE Caernarvonshire
CGN Cardiganshire CMN Carmarthenshire DEN Denbighshire
FLN Flintshire GLA Glamorgan MER Merioneth
MGY Montgomeryshire MON Monmouthshire PEM Pembrokeshire
RAD Radnor        
Other Countries        
AUS Australia CAN Canada IRL Ireland
NRL Northern Ireland NZ New Zealand SCT Scotland
USA United States of America        

Time Period Codes

a = pre -1599 b = 1600 - 1699 c = 1700 - 1799 d = 1800 - 1899 e = 1900 -present