The 1911 census was taken on Sunday 2nd April 1911. It is only available online and is presented in a quite different format from that of previous censuses. Previously, the enumerators, books have been retained and published, and these are transcriptions from the original household sheets. With the 1911 census, the household sheets themselves have survived as well as various summary documents. This means that we can see what our ancestors actually wrote, and presumably means greater accuracy. It also means that there are many more documents.

Although the census is usually published after one hundred years, the 1911 census was made available earlier following a challenge under the Freedom of Information Act. However, sensitive information about disability has been embargoed until 2012. The 1911 Census for Scotland will not be published until 2012.

Household Images

Household Page
The principal page of the census contains information about a single household. The full address of the household may be shown at the bottom of the page, along with the signature of the householder, or you may find it on the address page. The columns of the household page are as follows:

  1. Name and surname of every person , whether member of family, visitor or servant  who (1) Passed the night of Sunday April 2nd 1991 at this dwelling and was alive at midnight (2) Arrived at this dwelling on the morning of Monday April 3rd , not having been enumerated elsewhere. No one else must be included.
  2. Relationship to head of family.
  3. Age (last birthday) and sex.
  4. Particulars as to marriage. (1) Single, married, widower or widow of all persons aged 15 years and upwards (2)For each married woman - completed years the present marriage has lasted, total children born alive, children still living, children who have died.
  5. Profession or occupation of persons aged 10 years and upwards. (1) Personal occupation (2) Industry or service with which person is connected (3) Whether employer, employee or working on own account (4) Whether working at home
  6. Birthplace of every person
  7. Nationality of every person born in a foreign country
  8. Infirmity

The numbers written alongside the profession or occupation were written by the census enumerator and are the code taken from the Standard Occupational Classification. This is used by all government surveys.

Address Page
This is the reverse of the household page and the information identifies the Registration District, Registration Sub-district and Enumeration District, the name of the head of family, and the postal address. The address page may give a fuller address than appears on the household page.

Cover Page
This shows the names of the Registration District, Registration Sub-district and Enumeration District and also the civil parish, ecclesiastical parish, borough or urban district, ward of borough or urban district, rural district and parliamentary borough or division.

Enumerator's Book Images

Lists all the households in the section of the enumeration district.

Has no information unavailable elsewhere.

Gives Registration District, Registration Sub-district and Enumeration District and name of enumerator.

Contains statistical totals of persons enumerated in the enumeration district.

Describes the enumeration district in terms of its boundaries and the the streets covered.