The 1901 census was taken on the night of Sunday 31st March 1901 and is very similar in layout to the 1891 census.

The columns in the 1901 census are as follows:

  1. Number of schedule
  2. Road, street, etc and number or name of house
  3. Houses – 1. Inhabited 2. Uninhabited - in occupation or not in occupation 3. Building
  4. Number of rooms occupied if less than five
  5. Name and surname of each person
  6. Relation to head of family
  7. Condition as to marriage
  8. Age last birthday of males/females
  9. Profession or occupation
  10. Employer, worker or own account
  11. If working at home
  12. Where born
  13. Whether 1.Deaf and dumb, 2. Blind,  3.Lunatic 4.imbecile or feeble minded


The 1901 census was the first census to be made available online, and can be searched at the sites listed at Census Notes. It is also available on microfiche at some libraries and record offices.

If you find a relative living in an institution, you can check the location and type of institution it was at this useful site by Jeff Knaggs