St Stephen

Approximate mediaeval parish boundary superimposed on 1901 map.

ststephen stephen

Squeezed on three sides by commercial development, it is difficult to appreciate what is probably one of the most graceful parish church towers in the country. The church was rebuilt in the 1470s, the North Aisle including, a fine tomb, is 14th century. St Stephens was a new parish resulting from the extensive alternations to the river Frome carried out between 1240 and 1247 but it is not clear how long after that date the church was built. It is "the one remaining Bristol church which would seem both externally and within familiar to fifteenth century eyes"1

(1 "Centuries of Change: Bristol Churches since the Reformation" by Patrick Brown - an essay in Historic Churches & Church Life in Bristol edited by Joseph Bettey. 2000.)