Approximate mediaeval parish boundary superimposed on 1901 map




The following memorial inscriptions were noted in Arrowsmiths Dictionary of Bristol (1884):

FARMER Thomas, Mayor and Alderman, died Nov. 1624 aged 83.  Brass in north aisle. (he was Sheriff in 1603 and Mayor in 1616 - DAN)
STANDFAST Rev. Richard, Rector of parish over 51 years.  Died August 24th 1684 aged 78.



Christchurch with St Ewen: Photographs of Parishioners - 1896



If you have any ancestors who may have been connected with Christ Church Parish from about 1896 to the 1920s, you may wish to visit website where you will find a list of people who may have been connected with the parish.

These names are associated with an Album of many photographs of Parishioners & Officials of Christ Church with St Ewen for the year 1896 plus some later ones up to the 1920's.  B&AFHS members Julian & Diane Lea-Jones have donated to Bristol City Archives digitised copies of the entire album, (BRO Accession references No. 44083 and 44084).

This picture: Mr & Mrs Penfold



They have also provided B&AFHS with an index and full set of the photos on CD ROM - these are available for reference in our Research Room at the BRO.

This picture: Mr Henry Whippey

The website is a useful resource for local historians and well worth a visit.  Go to the website, click on the Free Data and scroll down the page for a link to the list of Christchurch parishioners.  While you are there, why not have a look at the other interesting resources on offer.

This picture: Mrs Shepherd