St Augustine


This church was founded by the abbots of St Augustine's monastery and is first mentioned in Gaunt's deeds in 1240.  It was rebuilt and restored a number of times and the churchyard was reduced in size more than once during the 19th century to make way for the expanding city. and those exhumed were reburied in Arnos Vale Cemetery. The church was damaged in WW2 air raids and the ruins were demolished in 1962; the land was then used for an extension to the adjoining hotel.

The following memorial inscriptions were noted in Arrowsmiths Dictionary of Bristol (1884):

LLOYD Anne, died 1779 aged 52.
OWEN Sir Hugh, Bart. Died Jan 13th 1698 aged 53.
PINNEY William.  Inscribed tablet in north aisle.
SHIERCLIFF Edward.  Monumental inscription, died February 1st 1798.
SMITH Clara Ann.  Poisoned by M.A. Burdock, October 26th 1833.