Members Interests

Discover members who may be able to exchange family history information with you

Submitting Names

As a member you may submit your surname interests. It is important that you read the privacy information and give your permission for us to be able publish your personal data. 

Guidelines for Making Contact

The idea is to exchange information. Do not expect other people to pass on the results of several years research immediately. Tell them what you already know, and what you are trying to find out. Many contacts will be dead ends, but others will be very fruitful. Many experienced members are very pleased to share their work. Be sure to thank them and acknowledge sources if you subsequently use the information in your records.

Do not expect people to reply immediately. They may be away from home, or busy with other things. It may take them some time to assemble the information they want to send you. Also please note that some addresses on the pages will be out-of-date. We rely upon members to notify BAFHS of amendments.

Corrections and Additions

Please use this form to send details of changes, additions or corrections to your interests. Only paid-up members of the Society can have their interests listed.

Deleting your Entry

Please email any deletion request to with your member number. Your data will be deleted as soon as possible after your request is received. If you do not renew your membership, then your interests page may not be deleted for up to six months.