Library Catalogue

This catalogue lists all the media available in the Research Room; books, CDs, microfiche, maps, etc.  The catalogue will tell you if an item is available and where you can find it.  There is no need to tell us in advance of your visit if you wish to use any of the items listed. Please note that items may not be borrowed.

Many items such as microfiche and CDs are segregated by format. Books are arranged according to a classification scheme based on that used by the Society of Genealogists, with the subject identified by an alphabetic mnemonic code, usually of three letters. Books on Bristol are classified under BST, while occupations are under OCC. Many subjects are subdivided by one or more further codes, so that books on Fishponds are at BST/LOC/FIS while books on policemen are at OCC/POL.

In classifying material, place is always pre-eminent, so surnames of Scotland would be classified as SCO/SUR, while a general history of surnames would be at SUR. There is a detailed finding aid available in the Research Room.