Family Trees

Over the years a lot of 'family tree' data has been deposited with the Society. 

Within each folder there are numbered wallets and in each box there are numbered booklets. This index lists all the surnames contained therein and identifies each Folder and/or Box and wallet or book. You can visit the Research Room to examine the original documents. Make a note of the reference numbers shown; you can also check the data in this on-line index using one of the computers in the Research Room. Thanks are due to Margaret Smith for organising the files and updating the original card index, to Anne Adams who is continuing to update the card index and to Geoff Cole and Pat Hunt for transcribing and checking all the data (some 14,000 records).

  • M after the surname means this is the ‘MAIN’ family name shown in the document.
  • Name variations have been listed together.
  • If there is no Folder or Box number shown, this refers to the book/booklet which is stored separately in one of the bookcases.

We have now scanned all the Family Trees and made these available to Members digitally via DropBox. Please visit your Membership Dashboard to access them.

In addition, some family histories have been submitted as books or pamphlets. These will be found on the normal bookshelves. To search for these, use the Library Catalogue and search for the family name. The Shelf will be FH/XXX where XXX is the first three letters of the family name.