Marriage Certificates

These marriage certificates are held in the BAFHS Research Room in a ring-binder marked 'Unrelated Certificates, Births, Deaths, Marriages'. The file code (e.g. M 1) will help locate the certificate in the ring-binder. However, in most cases, selecting any row below will bring up a full transcription of the document's content.

Groom Surname Groom Forename Year Bride Surname Bride Forename District Code Exact Date Location Parish County Groom Age Groom Condition Groom Occupation Groom Residence Groom Father Name Groom Father Surname Groom Father Occupation Bride Age Bride Condition Bride Occupation Bride Residence Bride Father Name Bride Father Surname Bride Father Occupation Witness One Witness Two Married by Notes
wdt_ID Groom Surname Groom Forename Year Bride Surname Bride Forename District Code Exact Date Location Parish County Groom Age Groom Condition Groom Occupation Groom Residence Groom Father Name Groom Father Surname Groom Father Occupation Bride Age Bride Condition Bride Occupation Bride Residence Bride Father Name Bride Father Surname Bride Father Occupation Witness One Witness Two Married by Notes Details
1 Baden Albert Bernard 1901 Davies Alice Emma Bath M1 17/08/2001 Parish Church Parish of St Marys Bathurst Somerset 22 Bachelor Confectioner 2 Vine Cottages John Bernard Baden Cabinet Maker 19 Spinster - 2 Vine Cottages Edward Davies Mason Merina? Davies Mary Ann Randall Claud C Parker Curate By Banns; Groom's surname may be Bader
2 Baker Arthur Charles 1924 Boyton-Smith Edith Mary Bristol M117 29/07/2024 St Paul's Church Parish of Clifton Bristol 30 Bachelor Civil Servant 11 Oakfield Place Arthur John Baker Solicitor 20 Spinster - Rostrevar Newton Harpford, Devon Sidney Boyton-Smith Clerk in Holy Orders. Deceased Arthur J Baker Edward Salisbury W E Haigh, Vicar After Banns; Note in margin: Column 6 altered before the marriage by me W E Haigh mistake.
3 Baker Benjamin 1862 Skinner Virtue Bedminster M27 09/09/1862 The Parish Church Nailsea Somerset of full age Bachelor Labourer Nailsea William Baker Labourer of full age Spinster - Nailsea William Skinner Labourer Samuel Durbin Ann Baker Frederick Brown Rector by Banns Virtue signed with an X
4 Baker Ernest Edward Walter 1927 Reeves Rosalind Mabel Bristol M143 24/08/2027 The Parish Church Parish of St Anne Brislington Bristol & Somerset 20 Bachelor Labourer 2 Freeland Cottages Brislington Alfred Edward Baker Painter 20 Spinster Domestic 95 Bloomfield Rd Alfred Ernest Reeves Lorryman Alfred Ernest Reeves Miriam Baker C F Harman Vicar After Banns
5 Bamber James Wilson 1865 Danby Harriet Frances Islington M41 17/06/1865 St Mark's Church Islington Middlesex Full Bachelor Record? agent 97 London Wall James Wilson Bamber Clothier Full Spinster - 20 Richmond Villas Stephen William Danby Carpenter Saml Danby Lizzie? Danby Reginald Gunnery Offg Minister By Licence
6 Bateman William 1875 Lear Emily Keynsham M140 25/12/1875 St Mary's? Parish of Bitton Gloucester Full Bachelor Collier Bitton Joseph Bateman Gardener Full Spinster Servant Bitton Samuel Lear Journeyman? Matthew John Guest John Bagshaw ? After Banns
7 Beauchamp Albert Victor 1920 Allbrook Margaret Frith Hackney M99 11/09/2020 Dalston Junction Baptist Church, Ashwin Street, Dalston District of Hackney London 27 years Bachelor Commercial Clerk 67 Brighton Road, Stoke Newington Henry William Beauchamp (deceased) House Decorator 24 years Spinster - 50 Reighton Road, Upper Clapton Edward Hampden Allbrook (deceased) Grocer P Hastings Tyler E S Allbrook William Evelyn Thomas (Minister); Sidney F Suewin Registrar By Certificate
8 Beauchamp Henry 1845 Morton Emma East London M100 10/11/1845 The Parish Church Parish of St Bot. Bpsgate County of London Of age Bachelor Paper Stainer 5 Primrose St Henry Beauchamp Paper Stainer Of age Spinster - - James Morton Dyer R Amery Jno Clark J J Child, MA Curate After Banns
9 Beauchamp Thomas 1844 Wood Charlotte Bethnal Green M102 19/07/1844 St Johns Parish of Bethnal Green Middlesex Full Bachelor Carpenter 5 Phoenix St Daniel Beauchamp Carpenter Full Spinster - 5 Phoenix St William Wood Farmer Frances Studdeard P Dixon E R Johns, Minr By Banns
10 Biggs William 1863 Merrick Hannah Clifton M113 19/10/1863 The Parish Church Parish of St John Bap Frenchay Gloucester 23 Bachelor Labourer Hambrook Thomas Biggs Engineer 23 Spinster - Hambrook Thomas Alpass Shoe Maker Edward Rudway? Ann Rudway? X her mark James Robertson Offg Minister After Banns
11 Blumin Charles 1881 Sixsmith Mary Anne Emwell Bristol M124 25/12/1881 The Parish Church Parish of St Matthias Bristol 22 Bachelor Labourer Ellbroad St William Blumin Labourer 22 Spinster - Ellbroad St James Sixsmith Bottle Maker Martha Povey X her mark James Sixsmith James Pererval? Myles Vicar The groom signed with an X; After Banns
12 Brewer Arthur Edward 1913 King Margaret Bristol M142 26/04/2013 St Gabriel's Church Parish of St Gabriel Bristol 21 Bachelor Packer 44 Twinnell Road Alfred Brewer Haulier 29 Spinster - 44 Twinnell Road William Jesse King (Deceased) Coachman William King Edith Telling; H King William Davies Vicar After Banns
13 Brooks Thomas 1847 Wilcox Elizabeth Clutton M138 25/05/1847 The Parish Church Parish of High Littleton Somerset Of full age Bachelor Collier Oldbury Worcestershire John Brooks Collier Of full age Spinster - High Littleton Charles Wilcox Labourer William Brooks X his mark Mary Brooks X her mark; James Chivers H H Mogg Vicar The bride and groom signed with an X
14 Brown Thomas 1915 Beauchamp Elizabeth Hackney M98 16/02/2015 The Register Office District of Hackney London 53 years Widower General Labourer 60 Sheep Lane, Hackney John Brown (deceased) Brewer 56 years Widow - 60 Sheep Lane, Hackney Robert Viner (deceased) Cigar-box Maker H Briggs J Welland Sidney F Sneiom Registrar; H Prongham Loney Superintendent Registrar The bride and groom signed with an X; By Certificate
15 Cassidy Michael 1923 Clements Florence Bristol M126 17/03/2023 The Register Office District of Bristol Bristol 23 years Bachelor Seaman HMS Caradoe RN 46 Chalks Road, Whitehall Hugh Cassidy (Deceased) Gardener 21 years Spinster - 46 Chalks Road, Whitehall Arthur Frederick Clements Ladder Builder W Vincent W Hudd A H Richards, Registrar; James A Coles, Supt Registrar By Licence
16 Cosier John 1857 Morton Sarah Hemel Hempstead M130 11/12/1857 The Independent Chapel Hemel Hempstead District of Hemel Hempstead Hertford 22 years Bachelor Iron Founder Flamstead John Cosier Iron Founder 26 years Widow - Flamstead James Clark Carpenter Thomas Purton John Joseph ? James Price Registrar -
17 Cousins John Edmund 1889 Bye Mary Alice Barton Regis M105 22/04/1889 The Parish Church Parish of St Matthew/Moorfields Gloucester 21 Bachelor Moulder Dean Terrace Thomas Cousins Shoe Maker 20 Spinster - Canon St William Bye Twine Spinner William Hickery his X mark Eunice Bowden E Griffiths, Vicar After Banns
18 Crocker Henry 1874 Neads Alice Annie Bedminster M39 26/01/1874 Bedminster The Parish Church Bristol & Somerset 19 Bachelor Labourer Ashton Gate William Crocker Labourer 20 Spinster - Ashton Gate Joseph Neads Labourer John Parker Tenneat Fanny Williams H B Capel by Banns Henry signed with an X Brides name is shown as NEADS but her signature has been transcribed as MEADS
19 Dare Alfred Edwin 1900 Dauby Edith Emily Brentford M24 02/08/2000 St Stephen's Church Ealing Middlesex 32 Bachelor Shoe warehouseman 36 Castelnau, Barnes Richard Dare Shoe warehouseman 31 Spinster - 15 Amherst Road, Ealing Henry George Dauby Agent Richd Dare Henry George Dauby Hugh M Eyton-Jouls MA After Banns
20 Dawes Frederick Edward 1894 Davies Eliza Georgina Bath M3 28/05/1894 The Register Office District of Bath Bath & Somerset 26 years Bachelor House Painter 20 Walcot Street Bath Edward Dawes House Decorator 21 years Spinster Servant 11 Bridge Street Bath Edward Davies (deceased) Mason Merina Davies Hannah West R H Carpenter Registrar; J Mannings Supt Registrar By Certificate
21 Dawes William Henry 1861 Green Martha Bedminster M43 26/07/1861 Bedminster The Parish Church Bristol & Somerset 26 Bachelor Mariner Bedminster Down William Henry Davies Carpenter 23 Spinster - West Street Samuel Green Labourer The mark X of Harriett Martin Mary Ann Lansdown William Westall Curate by Banns Martha signed with an X
22 Davis John 1844 Price Eliza Bristol M119 08/10/1844 Parish Church Parish of St Philip & Jacob Bristol Full Bachelor Shoe Maker St Philips John Davis Shoe Maker Full Spinster - St Philips Henry Price Laborer Henry Naish James Davis C Grant Curate The bride signed with an X
23 Denning John 1841 Clarke Hannah Chard M4
24 Dowsell John 1853 Boulton Sarah Chipping Sodbury M115 17/09/1853 The Parish Church Parish of Yate Gloucester Full age Bachelor Labourer Old Sodbury Thomas Dowsell Labourer Full age Spinster - Yate - - - Joseph S Harper Thomas Iles G E Harvey Rector The groom signed with his mark; After Banns
25 Eaton Walter 1875 Rossiter Eliza Clifton M45 14/06/1875 Clifton The Parish Church of St Clements Bristol full full Labourer Pritchard Court Richard Eaton Labourer full Spinster - Pritchard Court James Rossiter Labourer Edwin Mutton Caroline Rossiter Richard Cronall off minister by Banns

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