Death Certificates

These death certificates are held in the BAFHS Research Room in a ring-binder marked 'Unrelated Certificates, Births, Deaths, Marriages'. The code (e.g. D1) will help locate the certificate in the ring-binder. However, in most cases, selecting any row below will bring up a full transcription of the document's content.

Surname Forename Year District Code Informant Name Infomant Description Informant Residence Date Registered Registrar Sub-district Area Death Place Gender Maiden Surname Date of Birth or Age Address Doctor Name Exact Date Occupation Cause of Death Notes
wdt_ID Surname Forename Year District Code Informant Name Infomant Description Informant Residence Date Registered Registrar Sub-district Area Death Place Gender Maiden Surname Date of Birth or Age Address Doctor Name Exact Date Occupation Cause of Death Notes Details
1 Baker Martha 1876 Bedminster D27 Catherine Baker Daughter in law present at the death Walton in Gordano 01/03/1876 John Lang Saint George Somerset Walton in Gordano Female - 62 years - George Pizey MRCS 28/03/1876 Wife of William Baker a Farm Labourer Carcinoma Intestinorium
2 Baker William 1844 Bedminster D26 Mary Ann Brain X her mark Present at the death Bleaching Yard Bedminster 21/11/1844 Benjamin John Room Bedminster Bristol & Somerset Bleaching Yard Male - 8 months (could be '3') - - 19/11/1844 Son of Henry Baker Coalminer Small Pox without vaccination
3 Barber John William 1935 Bristol D39 S A Barber Widow of deceased in attendance 167 Clarence Road New Cut Bristol 01/05/2035 F G Hunt Bristol Central Bristol General Hospital Male - 49 years 167 Clarence Road New Cut Bristol A C Malden MB 13/04/2035 General Labourer 1 (a) Peritonitis 2 (b) Perforated gastric ulcer P.M.
4 Beauchamp Albert Victor 1964 Surrey Mid-Eastern D83 Florence E Beauchamp Sister in Law 26A Nelson Road New Malden 12/10/2064 Robert ? Sharp Sutton and Cheam Surrey 19 Quarton Road Sutton Male - 71 years - Certified by G T Wills MB 10/10/2064 Of 9 The Glade West Wickham Kent, a Company Director (Produce Brokers) retired 1a. Bronchopneumonia, II. Parkinsons disease
5 Beauchamp George Albert 1955 Middlesex South D85 H M Beauchamp Widow of deceased 14 Stainash Crescent Staines 18/01/2055 A F Pritchard Staines Middlesex 14 Stainash Crescent Staines Male - 66 years - Certified by H G Broadbridge, Coroner for County of Middlesex after PM without inquest 09/01/2055 Formerly a Hospital Gardener Haemopericardium due to ruptured cardiac infarct
6 Beauchamp Gertrude 1896 Islington D86 F W Beauchamp Father present at the death 44 Wedmore Street Islington 10/03/1896 C R Butcher Upper Holloway London 44 Wedmore Street Female - 8 hours - G Rowell MD 08/03/1896 Daughter of Frederick William Beauchamp a Meat Salesman Immaturity from premature birth
7 Beauchamp James 1848 Bethnal Green D87 Emma Beauchamp Present at death 10 Nelson Street Bethnal Green 26/12/1848 James Murray District of Hackney Road Middlesex 10 Nelson Street Bethnal Green Male - 1 year - Certified 22/12/1848 Son of Henry John Beauchamp, Paper Stainer Decline 4 months, Measles, Scarlatina
8 Beauchamp Rose May 1978 Wandsworth D81 John George Norman Son in Law 8 Rusham Road Balham SW12 01/06/1978 G Harris or Hollis Wandsworth London Borough of Wandsworth Bolingbroke Hospital Battersea Female Ferabee 14-Nov-04 - Certified by R Sun suganithan, Laurea in Medicine Col Chirurgia 01/06/1978 Wife of Arthur Beauchamp Insurance Official (retired) 1a. Carcinomatosis, b. Carcinoma of the Oesophagus
9 Beauchamp Sarah 1921 Kingston D82 C H Beauchamp Son present at the death 13 St Georges Road Stafford 03/10/2021 W D Elsam Deputy Registrar Kingston Surrey 99 Canbury Park Road Kingston UD Female - 73 years - Certified by W A Davidson LSA 01/10/2021 Widow of George William Beauchamp, Master Builder (1) Malignant Growth Uterus, No PM
10 Beauchamp Winifred 1895 Islington D84 F W Beauchamp Father 44 Wedmore Street Islington 07/06/1895 C R Butcher Upper Holloway London 44 Wedmore Street Female - 6 hours - Certified by G Rowell MD 06/06/1895 Daughter of Frederick William Beauchamp a Commercial Clerk Premature birth at 6 months
11 Bell William 1878 Taunton D124 X The mark of Elizabeth Bell Widow of deceased in attendance Stoke St Gregory 10/12/1878 W Payne North Curry Somerset Stoke St Gregory Male - 67 years - Certified by Hugh P Olivey MRCS 09/12/1878 Boatman Paralysis, Softening of Brain 5 months
12 Bennett Charlotte 1852 Bristol D116 X The mark of Elizabeth Tucker Present at the death 9 Great Ann Street St Philip & Jacob without 08/06/1852 Rees Williams Castle Precincts Bristol Holmes Court Castle Street Female - 50 years - - 07/06/1852 Wife of John Bennett Labourer Anasarca 4 months disease of the heart and lungs cerified
13 Bennett John 1934 Bristol D37 B Bennett Brother present at the death 36 Victoria Street Staple Hill near Bristol 20/10/2034 A R Maggs Stapleton Bristol 172 Forest Road Male - 55 years - Mauruce Barber MB 18/10/2034 Boot Clicker Carcinoma of Stomach No PM
14 Bennett Lucy 1846 Keynsham D131 The mark X of Frances Ithell present at death Staple Hill Mangotsfield 17/06/1846 H Mills Grace Oldland County of Gloucester Staple Hill Mangotsfield Female - 76 years - - 18/06/1846 Widow of Stephen Bennett Shoe maker Thrush not certified
15 Britton Frederic 1857 Bristol D102 X The mark of Sarah Britton Present at the Death Rose green St George 04/06/1857 James Parsons Saint George Count of Gloucester Rose Green Male - 10 months - - 02/06/1857 Son of William Britton Miner Atrophy not certified
16 Brooke John Wallace Spence 1934 Bristol D49 M Godfrey Sister in law 516 Stapleton Road Bristol 13/06/2034 A R Maggs Stapleton Bristol Snowdon Buildings Fishpomds Male - 57 years Great George Street Park Street Bristol S Datha ? MD 13/06/2034 Engineer at School 1 a Cerebral Abscess b Ulcerative Endo-carditis PM
17 Brown John 1933 Bristol D35 A S Wilks Occupier 100 Fishponds Road J R Maggs Stapleton Bristol 100 Fishponds Road Male - 53 Years 42 New Street Bristol J A Lanson Roberts LRCP 13/01/1933 General Labourer 1a Pulmonary Tuberculosis No PM
18 Bryant Caroline Jemima 1898 Bristol D55 T Bryant widower of deceased Present at the death 120 Newfoundland Road 15/07/1898 D E Bernard Ashley Counties of Gloucester & Bristol 120 Newfoundland Road Female - 67 Years - W Elder LRCP 15/07/1898 Wife of Thomas Bryant a shoe finisher Cancer of uterus
19 Burnett Edward Lockhart 1918 Long Ashton D1 Richard Burnett Brother 1 Belle Vue Terrace Clevedon 06/04/2018 David Davies Yatton Somerset 1 Belle Vue Terrace Clevedon UD Male - 67 years - Certified by L E V Overy Clayton MD 04/04/2018 Captain Light Infantry (Retired) (1) Chronic Brights Disease; (2) Acute Bronchitis
20 Burrell John William 1938 Bristol D43 J W Burrell Son in attendance 8 St John's Square Bedminster 18/05/2038 J D Sainsbury Bristol Central Bristol 20 Horsefair St James Male - 57 years - P C Rankin MB 17/05/2038 Mercantile Seaman 1(a) Myocarditis (b) Chronic bronchitis
21 Butler Mary 1841 Salisbury D23 Mary Ann Hibbard present at death Brown Street who here unto sets her mark X 07/08/1841 William Sutton Salisbury Wilts Saint Thomas Female - 61 years - - 31/07/1841 Spinster Asthma
22 Chard John 1926 Bristol D38 M Chard widow of deceased present at the death 24 Philadelphia Street St Paul Bristol 27/10/2026 F G Hunt Bristol Central Bristol 24 Philadelphia Street Male - 62 years - M Hope Scott LRCS 26/10/2026 Timber porter (1) Carcinoma of oesphagus 5 months (2) Exhaustion No PM
23 Chubb William 1874 Tiverton D74 Sarah Skinner present at the death Washfield Devon 22/09/1874 Arthur Cruwys Sharland Tiverton Devon Deepaller Tiverton Male - 81 years - Certified 18/09/1874 Farmer Decay of Nature
24 Clark Ann 1863 Keynsham D57 William Clark In attendance Upton Bitton 06/11/1863 William Mansfield Bitton Counties of Gloucester & Somerset Upton Bitton Female - 84 Years - - 02/11/1863 Wife of William Clark Landed Proprietor Hernia Senile Decay
25 Cole Frederick Lynn 1980 Barnet D2 Edith Annie Cole Widow of deceased 63 Daneland East Barnet 01/08/1980 D Brown Deputy Registrar Barnet London Borough of Barnet Barnet General Hospital Barnet Male - 18-Mar-02 Certified by V L R Touquet FRCS 01/08/1980 Gold and Silver Engraver (retired) 1a. Respiration failure, b. Carcinoma of Oesophegus