Birth Certificates

These birth certificates are held in the BAFHS Research Room in a ring-binder marked 'Unrelated Certificates, Births, Deaths, Marriages'. The file code (e.g. B 1) will help locate the certificate in the ring-binder. However, in most cases, selecting "More Details" on any row will bring up a full transcription of the document's content.

If you have unwanted certificates you would like to add to this collection, please take them to the Research Room and place them in the PVC wallet provided in the front of the certificate folders or post them to:

BAFHS (certificates),
c/o Bristol Archives,
'B' Bond Warehouse,
Smeaton Road,
BS1 6XN.

If you provide an email address, your donation will be acknowledged and you will be sent an email when your certificates have been transcribed onto our website.