BAFHS works to promote and encourage the public study of family history, genealogy and associated interests.
You will find all our digitised databases below.

Surname Interests

Search the surname of interest to find members who share that interest. Search their member numbers to see their other interests.

The idea is to exchange information. Do not expect other people to pass on the results of several years research immediately. Tell them what you already know, and what you are trying to find out.  Many contacts will be dead ends, but others will be very fruitful. Many experienced members are very pleased to share their work - be sure to thank them and acknowledge sources if you subsequently use the information in your records.

Memorial Inscriptions and Burial Registers

The majority of Avon church and churchyard memorial inscriptions have been recorded, together with known nonconformist burial grounds and some cemeteries. Use a search and filters to find your cemetery and surname of interest.

Library Catalogue

Availability and location information for Research Room media; books, CDs, microfiche, maps, etc. You may visit to use these items, but they cannot be borrowed.

Journals Indexes

These two indexes are designed to help you find articles and references to family names in the Bristol & Avon Family History Society Journal since its first edition in Autumn 1975.

Family Trees Index

Over the years a lot of family tree data has been deposited with the Society. This index lists all the surnames contained therein and identifies the Research Room folders where you can find and examine the original documents.


Some members have given the Society unwanted birth, marriage or death certificates. These documents are stored in our Research Room and are available for study by other members and visitors.

Miscellaneous Searchable Tables

The indexes below are not yet available in the fully interactive format used above. However, these PDFs are text searchable.

BAFHS Shop Related

Some BAFHS CD products have had omissions corrected or have been augmented with data researched or transcribed later. Details can be found below.

BAFHS Publications

An index of the BAFHS parishes, churches and chapels covered in our products to date (2009).

Bristol Burgesses 1525-1557

Roger Price augments our Bristol Burgess CD with early Burgess records calendared from the Corporation's great audit books.

Bristol Burgesses 1599-1607

Roger Price augments our Bristol Burgess CD with early Burgess records calendared from the Corporation's great audit books.

Butcher, Baker, Candle Maker

Mapping accompaniment to BAFHS CD Butcher, Baker, Candle Maker covering Chipping Sodbury 1795.

Christchurch Parish Baptisms

These baptisms were omitted from the BAFHS CD Bristol Diocese Baptismal Registers Vols. 11-14.

Non-Conformist Baptisms - St Joseph

Records for St Joseph 1835-37 missing from Nonconformist Baptismal Registers in the Bristol Records Office 1754 - 1837.

Thornbury Marriages

These marriages are missing from Phillimore's Gloucestershire Vol. XV. As listed by E.A. Roe from Gloucester Bishops Transcripts.

BAFHS History

Historical information particular to the BAFHS area.

Occupations of Bristol's 18th Century Citizenry

Ron Lewin lists occupations of Bristol citizens in the 18th Century.

BAFHS - Places of Worship

Research aid listing BAFHS places of worship.

BAFHS Marriages

Extra marriage data.

Bristol Cathedral Marriages 1615 - 1753

Roger Price's early record of Bristol Cathedral.

Bristol Marriage License Bonds 1701 - 1710

Roger Price's index of Bristol Marriage Bonds 1701-10.

St James Church Marriages 1559 - 1753

Roger Price covers the early record of Bristol Cathedral.

Temple Church Marriages 1558 - 1753

Roger Price covers marriage records from the earliest registers of Temple Church (Holy Cross), Bristol.

BAFHS Oddities

Interesting data that doesn't quite fit anywhere else!

Arnos Vale Crematorium Cloisters

Index of ~1,000 20th century memorials from the Arnos Vale Crematorium.

Bristol Royal Infirmary In-Patients

Gordon & Barbara Faulkner's BRI admission records 1750 - 1775.

Strays from BAFHS

'Strays' who were born or lived in the BAFHS area, but have been recorded elsewhere.

Neil Dun's FreeBMD Church Cross-reference

This is not actually a "download" but a link to Neil's website - we've left the link here by popular demand!

Our Sources

Bristol Burgesses were men (and the occasional woman) admitted as freemen of the City.

Censuses held every ten years from 1841 onwards.

Wills are valuable documents for confirming and establishing relationships, and for providing information about personal circumstances.