Free Book - Bristol in the First World War

‘Bristol in the First World War’

Published by the Bristol Cultural Development Partnership for ‘Bristol 2014’


This 120-page book comprises a collection of essays on various topics and events which formed part of Bristol’s history in the First World War.  These cover not only subjects related to the armed forces and theatre of war but also many aspects of life on the home front, including the roles of local industries, hospitals and entertainment. There are further articles about post-war political and social changes, housing development and how the war dead were commemorated.  It is wide-ranging book but all the articles are concise on their subject matter and accompanied by a good selection of pictures.

The book has been published for this year’s ‘Great Reading Adventure’ and forms part of the Bristol 2014 programme commemorating the centenary of the start of WW1.  Although the ‘Great Reading Adventure’ concept over the last 10 years has been directed mainly at younger people, this is a good read for all.

This book is FREE and can be obtained in Bristol from museums, libraries, Bristol Record Office and our Society’s local outlets. It is also being distributed through Bristol schools or it can be obtained as a downloadable pdf from – click on ‘Great Reading Adventure’.